July 2010


Birds, everywhere!
I approve this theme. 😀


Model: Robert Purvins

Some photos I took of Robert during our vacation together.
He doesn’t like being photographed, so I am ever so happy every time I got the chance to capture memories with him.


What’s your most happiest and saddest memory (it’s really old and stupid question, but I like it)?

It’s hard just picking one happy memory, because I have too many. But getting together with my boyfriend is certainly one of them.

A sad memory, uh. every time I lose someone that is close to me. I don’t really have a specific sad memory.

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are you really engaged?

The more we talked about it, the more we liked the idea. :>

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Promised some more features, so here we go:

Like a fallen leaf

made by Larissa


this moment

made by Daniel Ruiz



Have you ever considered doing a makeup tutorial?

If I only were as good with make up as I wanted to, then I sure could have given it a try. But unfortunately I am not. Maybe if I get better! 🙂

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Whenever I answer a question on formspring I’ll upload it here from now on. Maybe it’s fun to read.



Sorry for the lack of update, here are some kittens for you



Model: Gordana Marjanovic


model: Gordana Marjanovic


Some behind the scenes from today’s shoot with Gordana. 🙂
really fun and she’s beautiful.