August 2010


Hi everyone!
Sorry I haven’t updated anything here for ages. Robert is here so we spend most of our time together. Haven’t had time to retouch anything new either, but stay tuned. We’re heading back to school soon, but before that we are going to Moshpit open. Really looking forward to see Enter Shikari, Young guns and We are the ocean. 🙂

How many lens do you have?And which one do you like the most?

three, the one I use the most is my 50 mm 1.4 🙂
others are 85 mm 1.8 . 70-300 mm 🙂

In your description of how to make fake blood, you listed syrup, soya and red caramel color. Is soya similar to flour?

Soya is not similar to flour. It is more called soy sauce.

when are you graduating? and are you going to continue you studies?

Next year! Maybe, I want to study make up and hairstyling later also 🙂 but we’ll have to see

do you use a wacom tablet? if so which one?

Yes, wacom intuos4 medium.

When are you going to update your blog again`? xD

Haha it’s been a while since I updated… my boyfriend is here so I spend my time with him ^^ but soon,  I hope

Ask me anything


at which point did you start charging people for your services?

When it was starting to get desired. The most shoots I have are TFP, which I add to my portfolio.

you seem to love photography and music very much. how come you didn’t go into photojournalism?

Never liked taking those kind of photos. I like to have my own meaning behind them. 🙂

do you rent the studio you’ve been using ?

Actually, it belongs to a friend of mine, the photographer I was assisting this summer. He was kind enough to let me use it 🙂

which job was the first one you were paid for?

Hm, good question. I can’t really recall, but I had some shoots with musicians in Denmark. And later on some promotional photos for two percussionists. So it might be one of them, otherwise it had just been with friend and smaller clients.

Where do you take most of your self portraits? For example your newest self portrait/ID of DeviantArt.

The most recent ID is taken in my bathroom actually. We have window there which makes the light come a little from above and not straight on like ordinary windows. Otherwise I take them either in my room or outdoors.

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Last one for tonight!

Model: Ida Kyllerman
Hair and make up: Heidi Edberg


Some behind the scenes from today 🙂


Model: Ida Kyllerman
Hair and make up: Heidi Edberg



A little sneakpeak from today’s shoot with model Ida Kyllerman and make up artist Heidi Edberg.



Model: Minna Lillberg
make up: Emilie Isaksson
assistant: Andrea Zuniga


I know some of you think that I probably think I am so good-looking because I take a lot of self-portrait. Ha, I don’t!
When I am having  a self-portrait shoot, I don’t really think of it as one. When I put on all the make up and clothes, wigs or hats I feel like another person, I become one of my characters.
Photos with me in the white wig, feels just like I am portraying a character, not myself. So I kind of use myself as a blank paper, where I just paint with different accessories and make up, to make it to a character I’d like to portray. I like to create stories and dreams.

Some portraits like my IDs and other ones you clearly see that is me, how I look everyday, these ones I see as self-portraits.


Some behind the scenes from today!

Modelling was Minna Lillberg and Emelie Isaksson did the make up. Had some help from Andrea Zuniga also!

A little preview for you!


I guess every artist has felt that their work isn’t good enough. It’s sad we think this way, but I believe it’s a thing that make us fight even harder for our work.

Whenever you feel this way, look at your oldest work and compare it to your newest. Then ask yourself what you have learnt on your journey this far. Just by looking at older work makes me happy that I have come this far as I have. Sure, I do think ‘what the hell was I doing’ quite often, but it just makes me realise I have developed and have sharper eyes for things. By that I mean that I can critic my own work in a way that isn’t degrading, but constructive. I often question myself what I could have done better and what I would have made different if I could re-take the photo today.

Yes, you’re always your worst critic, no one can bring you down like yourself. Unfortunately it’s true, but I also believe you can be your best critic. Seeing what you need to get better with and how you can develop in your own way. And I know a lot of you, even myself, compare my work with others and wondering why my work isn’t as good. We know it’s not worth thinking like that because we all have our own signature in art. But I believe it’s something we will grow from.

Just wanted to share this, because I do feel this way sometime and I believe it’s nice to know what could make it better.
If you have something you could share about what you do when you’re feeling this way, please share!

Some work from 2008