August 2010


how do you make your eyebrows so intense?

My eyebrows is naturally dark. I pluck them and then I use an eyebrow pen to fill them to the shape I want 🙂

do you keep kiko in a cage? or you let him wander freely around your place?

My mum is afraid of birds, so I can’t keep him wandering free all the time. But I am with him almost the whole day when I am home and he is flying in my room and get up to a lot of mischief there. When I am living in my apartment he’s always out, except for when I am sleeping and not around. I don’t want anything bad happening to him!

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Model: Ellen Nilsson


Do you shoot in raw or jpeg?

-Always raw.

How much do you retouch/photoshop your pictures?

-Depends. I like experimenting in Photoshop and some photos need more or less retouch than others. But I would say, I do not retouch less or more than anyone else.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

-Probably Japan. :> Never been to the place, but what I have seen it’s a very nice place with a lot of great fashion and people.

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One of the many photos we took today.
Model: Ellen Nilsson


Finally had a shoot today, this time with Ellen.^^

Some behind the scenes




Do you like electronic music? if so, any recommendations?

Crystal Castles, The Knife, Digitalism, Unicorn Kid, Cut Copy…
Well what I would consider electronic in my list. 🙂

Is good to live in Sweden? it’s like what? what is good and what is bad?

Yeah, I like living here. There is always something negative as positive. But I like that we have “freedom to roam” and that our nature is lovely. I don’t like our government, I dislike the parties. I also dislike that Sweden take care of other people before they take care of its own.

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It’s pouring outside. I just love to wake up or to sleep when it’s raining. It is cosy and I do sleep better!

Anyhow, I had other plans today but now have to change because of the weather. Not sorry for that because I’ll spend my day with my brother instead.

oh, does anyone know a good place to buy lolita clothes? I am thinking of gothic and aristocrat. Sweet is not my thing, I would look like a marshmallow in all those pink dresses, mostly because I don’t like pink at all. XD

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