August 2010


Really been thinking of printing a book with my photography, if anyone is interested.
If I do, has anyone any suggestions or wishes on what photos they want in it? 🙂


Some dresses I bought.
Uh, my stomach hurts like hell. think I am going to bed for now.


I am happy when I find my work being featured on different sites.

Recently it was on:

Design you trust

Creative photography:

White Zine

thank you guys <3


I am back home now.

Been a nice week with my family! With a lots of ice creams, laughter and adventures. So I am quite pleased at the moment to be honest.

I haven’t had time to fix some of the new photos yet, but will be updating with them as soon as I can.  🙂

Wanted to link to my trigger gallery, soon there will be added a profile also.

Hopefully some more of my photos will end up on book covers!



Some more features.
I am so happy when you guys are inspired by my work! 🙂

by Daniel J Harle


by J.H.Arriaga


some questions:

what was your first picture since you began shooting in 2006? 😀

My first photo, that was noticed on Deviantart, was a photo of Harriet standing in a yellow field of flowers. I believe we have had other shoots before, not very serious ones before back in 2005, but this was the one that kept us inspired to continue. Unfortunately I I’ve taken it down from deviantart, otherwise I would have linked to it.

If you could have the starring role in one movie what would it be?

haha, lord of the rings. Would be awesome fighting with swords 😀

And a photo from Borgholm, Öland.

Really enjoyed walking around in the castle. Made me quite inspired to write actually. 🙂

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