October 2010


Probably some things you didn’t know about me:

  • I can’t stand children. Probably because I can not communicate with them.
  • I do not drink alcohol or abuse drugs in any way.
  • I love cute things. Small animals is preferable.
  • I looove chocolate.
  • I am very shy, but when I am with people I love and care about I run around like crazy sometimes!
  • I love playing video games, but hate to lose. Me and my brother fight about winning all the time.
  • I had very short hair before, maybe just 3 cm at the longest.



Happy Halloween! 😀

Nomnom. photo from 2009


robert took this image of me some time ago.

Anyhow, is there something you guys want me to write about? What kind of photos would you like to see? Would be awesome if you could write a comment about it. I want this blog to be interesting for you guys! 🙂




So cuuuuute!



Model: Malin

make up: Tuija Valén




Model: Alex @ modelone

make up artist and hairstyling: Tuija Valén


Photo by me

retouch by Robert purvins.

model: Alex

make up: Tuija Valén


Finally photographing men again. I still wonder why I don’t do it more often? Anyhow, these are my photos of Alex from today. My arms were quite dead after holding that H3D for quite some time, but it was sure worth it!

Robert sits next to me right now and is retouching another one of them. He’s so cute! Hihi.


We had the chance to photograph the models ourselves today. Michel is taking some shots of Alex and Malin using a Hasselblad H3D.



Model: Minna Lillberg
make up: Emilie Isaksson