November 2010


Taken earlier this year. Modelling was Daniel Stenberg. 🙂


We’re celebrating halloween today, because last weekend we couldn’t.

yay! 😀 haha


I just saw these two videos which made me smile.

These videos shows that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. I sure love the piano stairs! haha



See and read more here:



Must have been one of the fastest shoots I have ever done!
The make up took a lot more time than we thought so when Anna was done the sun was almost down. So, but at least we got one nice shot before it was too dark.

I know about the flying hair, probably fixing that later.

Model: Anna Berglund

make up: Anna Hertze

The idea: a Huldra, therefore the hole in her back.


More random facts:

  • I never watch horror films, but I love to create macabre/horror photos. Weird I know. But I can’t sleep after seeing one of those films. Killing zombies in video games is FUN though!
  • I love fields. They make me feel calm.
  • My love for birds started very early, I loved feeding ducks when I was small. Kind of my favourite thing back then! (and kind of is sometimes now also… ahem.)
  • I hate to sing when somebody’s listening, but I love it when I am alone!
  • I can’t retouch when someone is watching me…never could. Just my mum, but she doesn’t understand what I am doing?
  • I love to sleep but I never go to sleep when I should. I sleep best during the day anyway? haha.



This week hasn’t turned out as I wanted it to… sadly. But I am happy I got to meet my wonderful friends instead!
I do hate that I feel that I must do something productive when I am home… Hmm, so now when I haven’t done anything it feels odd.


I’ve been retouching a photo, and still are, for a photographer and hopefully he will like it. That’s probably all at the moment.

haha, a very small Kiko. He looks so pale! haha.


Here you guys go. Some photos of me in shorter hair. Couldn’t find the shortest ones though. >_< I remember my hard drive collapsed some years ago and all of my images disappeared. And I guess they were not so important because I didn’t have backups back then! Maybe on a CD but xD I don’t really got the time to search them through. As I said, I wore black all the time, doesn’t see my hair well therefore. xD

I guess the first is from 2007, second 2008 and last one 2007.


Found this one today which has grown on me. I’ve only altered the colours and cropped it. Should probably retouch the skin but didn’t feel for it atm. 🙂



I sold some photos to Dan for a couple of weeks ago and today he sent me some images. Looks great! 😀

Very fun to see my work in another person’s home. ^^
If you’d like to buy photos by me, just contact me!


More random things about me:

  • I discovered Japanese music in 8th grade and my whole style took a new turn from having long hair to short. I wore black all the time and started to experiment with make up. I had lots photos of Japanese artists in my locker and in my room. I love(d) Dir en grey, but my favourites was D’espairsray. I still have the poster up in my room.
  • My first concert was in Denmark and it was actually D’espairsray who was playing. I went with Harriet, this was back in 2006.
  • I used to draw during night until 6am in the morning. I used to write a lot also. I rarely draw any more, but I still love it.
  • I loved lolita dresses and used to sew my own dresses and skirts.
  • I was very interested in world war II and could spend several hours just reading and writing about it.
  • I used to go with my father to various military events. ^^
  • My favourite lessons in school was history and art.


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