December 2010


Some behind the scenes from yesterday.
The last is from the field we shot on, a lot of snow for sure. XD


Some more from today. Not quite done, need to fix some colour and another things.

They’re all taken while standing on or,I would rather say in, a snow covered field. Kajsa Ståhlberg did both the hairstyling and the make-up.


Preview of today’s shoot with Harriet.

It was SO cold. Damn it.

But we managed to take some nice shots anyway.

The last ones aren’t done yet.


My self-portrait “breeze” passed 5,000 favourites on Deviantart. Crazy! thanks for the support. 🙂

I will be shooting with Harriet tomorrow, finally. Haven’t been photographing for ages…



I don’t think I’ve shown you guys the whole series with Alex.

Model: Alex @ modelone
make up: Tuija Valén
retouch: Robert Purvins


Today is a lovely day because Robert and I have been together for a year. <3


art by

Probably my favourite work that has been based on my photos. :>


Merry Christmas everyone!



Someone knows what he’s getting for Christmas. ^^


Of course I wear my cupcakes earrings today!


If you’re having a hard time figuring out how the aperture or the shutter works in a camera you can easily find out here:


A new retouch on this one. Decided to retouch the whole series again, wasn’t too pleased with the last retouch of them. Already retouched two new photos, I guess there will be more. 🙂

Model: Ida K
make up & hair: heidi e