January 2011


A shot from the Entangled launch. Me to the right and Cat holding the book. 🙂


Deviantart-members kept sending me congratulations for my birthday, which I thought was odd because my birthday isn’t until September. I didn’t realise until now that it was my account that turned 5 years this year. Haha, just thought Deviantart had mixed it up or something.

Feels odd being there so long, but also it is very nice seeing other artists work! And getting the feedback I get from you guys. 🙂

Anyhow! We’ve been without Kiko for quite some time now, but I will cuddle with him again as I visit my family next weekend. It has been too quiet here, but soon he will move in with us again. ^^



We’ll be assisting Emma on a shoot tomorrow. She will be shooting for the British Glass magazine. 🙂


The sun was shining today. Emma had to go around two so I went home and took some photos. It feels good taking photos again. 🙂



Nathalie’s isolation



Based on the image of Ida I took last year.

I might have said this a hundred of times, but I just love when you guys find my photos inspiring enough to make a drawing of them. <3


Well, I am back! Or…came back two days ago.
Last Wednesday was amazing, Robert and I went to the UK, my first time, Robert’s second. It has been about ten years ago I flew somewhere, so yes, it was nice to leave Sweden for a while. I will not bore you with too much vacation shots, don’t worry!

After arriving at the hotel and walking in the city, we walked around in Hyde park where we saw two parrots. Haha, weird, but very cute ones! They were sitting in the trees (we even saw four or five the next day).

Well…what can I say more than I loved Hyde park… weird, eh?


The squirrels were so cute!

On Thursday it was time for the book launch of Entangled! I sure was nervous but very excited too. 🙂

This is how I looked for the evening. Found this lovely dress at a store walking down Piccadilly Circus. Loved the store, many lovely corsets and pin-up dresses.

Haha, while at the launch I saw these little precious cupcakes with my face on them! People were literally eating my face! (they were yummy..btw!)

I will upload more shots later when I get them, these I got from Cat 🙂


I forgot to upload these on our apartment. 🙂


Haven’t taken any self-portrait in ages… but finally did today. Loooooove our new windows. ^^


I don’t think I’ve shown you this one?
Remember I told you I will be appearing on Cat Patrick’s novel “Forgotten”? Well, here it is! This is the UK version of it and the other ones are pretty as well. 🙂