February 2011


Wow, yesterday I received my fourth Daily Deviation on Deviantart. Lovely!

The one that was featured was Memories of nightmares, which is this one:


I also reached 14, 000 watchers there. Crazy!



Taken by

Ida Fredrikke Olsen

This place seems to be taken out of a fantasy book, quite a magical moment to capture. It really makes me calm.

Visit her blog: http://thatplace.tk



Taken by

Beatrice Bolmgren

I really like this image for different reasons. The model is beautiful and I like the contrast. I also like that even if the model is half-hidden behind the tree, she is still the main focus of the image.

Visit her blog: http://passionated.blogg.se


More on Monday!


Some behind the scenes from yesterday. (not sure I can show you guys the other ones just yet)

Asia with a snake for the shoot.

And there was a parrot also . Couldn’t stop smiling when I had her on my shoulder! 🙂


Thursday’s feature is taken by

June Åsheim

Skin and bones

Visit her blog: http://juneaasheim.wordpress.com/

I really like how everything is white and clean. And by holding the skull in front of the face makes it looks like an odd creature rather than a human being. Great one!


Thanks for all your wonderful photos!
I will be posting two tomorrow, and

on Monday I will be posting three.


Wow! Such a great feedback from you guys, really fun to see! 🙂
I am heading to Emma’s place now for assisting her on the shoot today. She’ll be shooting for the Danish “Costume”.

Tomorrow I will update with one of your photos, they’re all lovely. It is going to be tough choosing!!
Take care everyone!


I am quite tired seeing only my photography here, so now it’s your time!

Send me a photo you’ve taken and it might be your photo that will be featured here. 🙂

  • Only low res photos (700px)
  • it must be taken by you
  • it could be a portrait, photo of birds, dogs, flowers, landscape… well anything! But try to choose your best shot
  • Write your name and if you have a blog
  • send it to my mail: info@josefinejonsson.com

I will feature it on Thursday and another one on Friday.
And if no one writes,well, I will just have to hope you do. Who wouldn’t like a nice feature! 🙂



Model: Harriet Arnberg
clothes and jewellery: Nikideluxe.com
photo, make up and post processing: myself, josefine jönsson


I presume you guys who follow my blog enjoy my photography, therefore I am quite curious which photo(s) is/are your favourite(s)? 🙂

Some of my own favourites are:








The dress I bought in London.

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