February 2011


My photo on the book “The dead of Summer” by Mari Jungstedt..

This is the UK version!

Been waiting to show you guys this one. 🙂



try it!





Someone missed Robert very much! hihi

And fell asleep while I was photographing… on my camera?


I was featured in Javertime magazine again, but this time I was on the cover and there is an interview with me in it.

You can read the magazine here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/151803

The pages are very small so you can read the interview here, just press the image:


mih, I arrived at midnight to my parents and was very happy to meet Kiko again.

Kiko felt for taking a bath so I helped him. 🙂


I went out to look for a dress to my sister’s wedding later this year, but only ended up with two rings, this was one of them.


I haven’t had time to take a lot of photos :/ so sorry for the boring updates!


Behind the scenes from this weekend. Emma is photographing, Charlotte is modelling, Darren Knight did the styling, I’m holding the light and Johan Pettersson took the image. 🙂

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