April 2011


just a self-portrait I took some weeks ago 🙂


Some behind the scenes from friday’s shoot. 🙂
The make-up artist is actually a model, Ida K, I’ve worked with before! ^^


From today’s shoot, only sketches though!

photography: Josefine Jönsson
make up & hair:  Ida Kyllerman
styling: Sibel Rivzan
Model: Carolina T / sweden models 


I wish I had credit to give to the one who wrote this one…


Kiko and I 🙂

I am planning some shoots next week! Really look forward to it ! :>


Model: Vincent Orback



Sorry, haven’t updated here for a while. Anyhow, it’s easier just typing on facebook, oh the shame, but still — > http://www.facebook.com/pages/Josefine-Jonsson-photography-retouch/161813283873210

I will continue updating here, don’t worry! I am planning a shoot for next weekend also. 🙂

The image above is just a sketch. 🙂 Kiko and myself !

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