June 2011


It is finally out now, Lux magazine! It has so beautiful series from amazing photographers.


A magazine by myself and robert. Please look and most importantly be INSPIRED!

lots of love,



This is for all my Swedish followers.

Har sett att en del har översatt min blogg från engelska till svenska, så tänkte höra om folk vill att jag skriver på både sv och eng? Skulle det underlätta mer än google translate kanske? 🙂

glad fortsätt midsommar!


model, retouch and photo: self.
and a self-portrait that is not retouched more than cropped.






Got a lovely drawing some days ago. 🙂 always so happy when you send me these!!

Made by: Ruben / http://valk68.deviantart.com/


Wih! I got a feature and interview in Innovated Magazine! Look here:



Someone asked me about their portfolio and how my looked like. It has been updates since last time I showed it to you guys. It is still not completed and I will change some images, but still. The pictures are quite crappy, took them in hurry. XD



Tea party today! 🙂





I’m leaving early tomorrow morning so I wanted to update now instead.

Here are the images that I decided to feature, enjoy!

I really like this photo for several reasons, mostly because I want to know more. Why does she looks so sad? To who did these flowers belong to? Has someone left her there alone? Many questions are not answered, and that is what I like about this image, you can make your own story to it. The flowers are a nice touch, makes it all balanced.

This piece is taken by Mihai Vasile.

blog – mihaivasile.deviantart.com

~The posture is great, I love how she looks like a statue. Not to mention how the light hits her collar bones. It’s nice to see the contrast between her make up and hair. The make up is so intense while her hair is made into some summery hairstyle, soft and pretty. Yes, I do like the overall image quite a lot. And I like the fact there doesn’t have to be a story behind, it’s fashion. The only thing I’d like to change
is to remove the pins in the hair.

Photo is taken by – Dzelila Piric
blog: http://dzelis.wordpress.com


The eyes are so intense in this one. She looks like another creature giving that posture, a posture that is quite haunting with those eyes. I also like that her hair is so fiery red, it’s a nice contrast against the otherwise  pale colours. It’s great that it is cropped so closed, like she is captivated inside the image.

Photo is taken by – Veronica Codignoni


I like the fact that this photo shows the love for photography by showing it within a photo. It gives a nice touch with the negative feeling of it also. It sure gives a smile on my lips.

Photo is taken by – Daniel J Harle
and is called “‘Negative Love'” .

I’d like to thank everyone for sending their lovely images! Don’t feel bad that I didn’t chose yours, I will feature more images later on. So don’t give up!  🙂 Go out and make some more lovely art!


Model: Tove Svenskog

make up: Fanny Axelsson

photos and retouch: Josefine Jönsson