August 2011


Would be lovely if you guys could vote on me for this one! 🙂
I know it is in Swedish but on the right there is my name, Josefine Jönsson, and a poll! ^^ ♥

Love the hat, purple AND with a bird. yes! it is so me !

Vore jättesnällt om ni kunde rösta på min bild! Josefine Jönsson
Älskar hatten med fågeln. Skulle bli väldigt glad om ni röstar! <3 Tack!


isn’t it amazing how much you can develop in two years? took the first one with Ida 2008 and the other one last year. I can hardly remember how I used to retouch… probably for the best. oh my.

The light was one bouncer on both.


Another one. One bouncer on the model. (the left has one on the background if I recall correctly.) I am showing these because I think it is important to see how you develop. So there is nothing comparing models, styling, just my photo and retouches. 🙂


A series of self-portrait






Questions! – long time ago so here is a couple….

Do you need an assistant?

– Yes! 🙂 Usually my friends help me during shoots

do you work as an assistant? do you think it is important to work as an assistant next to another photographer? do you get paid do help?

– Sometimes I do. It’s nice to work with another photographer to see how they set light and work on the set. If you’re really new to photography and want to learn more by assisting I think it’s OK to work for free, but otherwise you should get paid.

Some photographers also make fashion or artistic vidios of the shoot the do, it would be awesome if you did that too!

-^^ yeah. I tried and I have some clips that can make it into a video, but I am afraid I am not very good with such programs.. haha

Are you still attending ypu photography school?

-Nope! I graduated in June. 🙂

How long have you and Robet been together? You make such beautiful couple. Do you argue or have fights?

-Aww, that’s sweet said of you! We’ve been together for 1 year and 8 months. 🙂 yeah, of course we argue sometimes but we’ve never had any fights. He’s a wonderful person and we’re very similar in the way we think and act.

What advice would you have for someone trying to get into the fashion business? How do you go about finding models and clothing ect.

-First off you need to have a nice portfolio. Contacting agencies and photographing the new faces there are very nice, usually always for free also as everyone gets photos for their portfolios. Also contacting designers that is in the beginning of their career, ask if you could build a portfolio together. People love working together even if it’s for free becuase they get lovely images. Either way, the fashion industry is very hard. Believe me. You really need to work a lot before getting a foot in. But I think it is important to try new things, different models and such. Assist photographers also, to learn new things and to meet other people. Contacts are SO important in this business!

I’ve noticed that your pictures have earned the place as covers on books, well handful at least, did people contact you about them or how did your photo’s end up there? 🙂 my dream is to pursue editorial photography for that reason.

-I am part of Trigger Image, which is more or less a stock imagery. I’ve gotten half of my book covers sold here. The other ones people have personally written to me to buy those images. 🙂

How do you contact with model agencies?

-I email them, sending some of my photos and tell them who I am! 🙂 If I have any shoots going on I usually see if any new faces are available.

do u like amy winehouse ?

-Actually, never listened to her music. So can’t say if I like her music very much, neither if I liked Amy.

Hi! How do you ask magazines to publish your artwork and eitorials?

-Hi there!

Either they write personally to me or I write to them and attach a series of mine, then it’s up to them to decide wether to publish it or not. 🙂

Are you more of a talker or more of a listener?

-Listener. But kind of depending on what of subject we’re discussing.

You’ve probably been asked this before, but… how many minutes you spend on retouching your photos on average? 🙂

-Depends on what kind of photo it is! Photos I take for myself, probably 1-2 hours. For clients and shoots with models, 2-5 hours. Or longer if it’s close up. Depends a lot on how good the MUA was, how nice skin the model has and my own work during the shoot. ^^

More behind the scenes shots please? And I love that post of where you guys had a tea party 😀 too bad you weren’t in the photo 🙁

-hehe I will try to!! ^^ I am always the photographer haha XD that’s why… Sometimes people are afraid to use my camera XDDD


For newer updates faster! 🙂



Had an exhibition today! :>



Magnus, Lambis och Markus

 Ryan Garrison photographing Lambis! Both of these guys are amazing photographers 🙂



I had a shoot with Vincent some months ago and haven’t had time to retouch them. But now they’re done and here they are!


Model: Vincent Orback @ kid of tomorrow


Ställer ut mina bilder på Planket!

Det sker den 20e augusti, alltså nu på lördag. Börjar 10-17! Kommer att vara där ganska mycket, så hälsa gärna! :)))



Will be attending an exhibition at Saturday! If you’re at any chance in Malmö at that time I think you should come by and say hello! I will be standing there for quite some time. 🙂 We’re having the exhibition close to “Folkets park”. It begins at 10.00 am and ends 17.00  pm.


Lots of love,





Model, styling and idea: Tea Time /

photo and retouch: Josefine Jönsson

Assistant: My




Model: Jasmine H / Sweden Models