December 2012

tea time and Viola lahger II


josefinejonsson_120624_0355_NEW josefinejonsson_120615_NEW josefinejonsson_120624_0025_NEW

josefinejonsson_120615_0129_NEW josefinejonsson_120624_0290_NEW

Model and styling: Tea time
Hat: Sara Wikholm
Corsets: Viola Lahger
Fascinators and skirt and other prop: Sarah Burchill
Bloomers and cuffs: Vilicous Clothing

Licked magazine, Tea time and Viola Lahger

josefinejonsson_120615_00762 josefinejonsson_120615_0146_NEW josefinejonsson_120615_0222_NEW

Model and styling: Tea time
Hat: Sara Wikholm
Corset: Viola Lahger
Fascinator and skirt: Sarah Burchill

These were featured in Licked Magazine! Will be uploading more from this series soon!

Happy holidays! <3

Tea Time & Maebelle Latex for Rebelicious magazine

Under Wood

Modelling by Tea Time
Latex: Maebelle Latex
Photo: Josefine jönsson

Featured in issue 10, Rebelicious Magazine 🙂




Thanks for all of your comments on previous posts!! <3
Always so fun to read them.

Have a lovely holiday on you all!



Elegy Ellem in Obsidian Design

josefinejonsson_20121204_0356 josefinejonsson_20121204_0281 josefinejonsson_20121204_0318 josefinejonsson_20121204_0321 Model: Elegy Ellem
Latex: Obsidian Design
Mask: Sundries and Plunders
Photo: Josefine Jönsson

Elegy Ellem & Westward Bound

josefinejonsson_20121204_0059 josefinejonsson_20121204_0085 josefinejonsson_20121204_0087 josefinejonsson_20121204_0116Model: Elegy Ellem
Latex: Westward Bound
Photo: Josefine Jönsson

Tea Time vintage

Model, styling and make up: Tea Time
Photo: Josefine Jönsson
josefinejonsson_20121028_0220_2 josefinejonsson_20121028_0236 josefinejonsson_20121028_0279 josefinejonsson_20121028_0281 josefinejonsson_20121028_0297



“On the run”josefinejonsson_120608_0030 josefinejonsson_120608_0209 josefinejonsson_120608_0287mew josefinejonsson_120608_0312 josefinejonsson_120608_0323 josefinejonsson_120608_0464 josefinejonsson_120608_0488 josefinejonsson_120608_0526Model and garnment, jewellery: Elle Frostegard
Muah: Briet Gudmundsdottir
Photo and retouch: Josefine Jönsson

Also featured in SYN magazine. 😀


Self-portraits dec 2012



My calendar for 2013 is here!!!
Many pretty ladies of course. 🙂

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Model: Felicia Fritzl
Photo: Josefine Jönsson
josefinejonsson_20121102_0023 josefinejonsson_20121102_0030 josefinejonsson_20121102_0057 josefinejonsson_20121102_0088 josefinejonsson_20121102_0119 josefinejonsson_20121102_0129