Behind the scenes


 A preview from yesterday 🙂


Some behind the scenes from friday’s shoot. 🙂
The make-up artist is actually a model, Ida K, I’ve worked with before! ^^


From today’s shoot, only sketches though!

photography: Josefine Jönsson
make up & hair:  Ida Kyllerman
styling: Sibel Rivzan
Model: Carolina T / sweden models 


A sneak peek from today’s shoot with Vincent


I have gotten myself a page on facebook, where I will update quite a lot:



Some behind the scenes from yesterday. (not sure I can show you guys the other ones just yet)

Asia with a snake for the shoot.

And there was a parrot also . Couldn’t stop smiling when I had her on my shoulder! 🙂


Behind the scenes from this weekend. Emma is photographing, Charlotte is modelling, Darren Knight did the styling, I’m holding the light and Johan Pettersson took the image. 🙂


Some behind the scenes from yesterday.
The last is from the field we shot on, a lot of snow for sure. XD


Some more from today. Not quite done, need to fix some colour and another things.

They’re all taken while standing on or,I would rather say in, a snow covered field. Kajsa Ståhlberg did both the hairstyling and the make-up.


Preview of today’s shoot with Harriet.

It was SO cold. Damn it.

But we managed to take some nice shots anyway.

The last ones aren’t done yet.


Began with this one today. Not finished at all. Taking a break to play some good old Sonic on SEGA. :>