Entangled will be released next year in January. I’ve had some contact with both Cat and Parul, and as it is now I will be travelling to London for their launch of the book. I really look forward to it, never been to the UK actually! Though I am very nervous at the same time. Crossing my fingers it will turn out great! I will be telling more about it when I know more.

Read the interview and see the cover here: https://josefinejonsson.com/2010/10/15/298/


It’s finally done!
I have made some changes to it, hope you like it! 🙂


I met up with a great Swedish photographer today, who I will be assisting next year. Her style is amazing!

I brought my portfolio with me and got some nice feedback. 🙂

I begun with the calendar today, but I can’t decide how to design it or which images to have. Especially when the photo I submitted last day got so much feedback! Hmm, I will work on it some more and we’ll see. I hope that I can submit it this week so that people who’d like to purchase it for Christmas are able to.


We’re celebrating halloween today, because last weekend we couldn’t.

yay! 😀 haha


Here you guys go. Some photos of me in shorter hair. Couldn’t find the shortest ones though. >_< I remember my hard drive collapsed some years ago and all of my images disappeared. And I guess they were not so important because I didn’t have backups back then! Maybe on a CD but xD I don’t really got the time to search them through. As I said, I wore black all the time, doesn’t see my hair well therefore. xD

I guess the first is from 2007, second 2008 and last one 2007.



Hmm, Kiko sure loves attention.



Some things I’d really like to have. Could have some wonderful shoots with them! But I guess it has to wait though. I’ve been shopping from Fanplusfriend before and was very pleased with my clothes. I also bought my silver wig there. 🙂


We’re back to school now. Our new teacher feels a lot better and the plan for this term seems quite good! It’s nice to meet the class again, such a long time since we met. Anyhow, I will try to update more also. Starting with a photo of Robert and Kiko. <3


It’s pouring outside. I just love to wake up or to sleep when it’s raining. It is cosy and I do sleep better!

Anyhow, I had other plans today but now have to change because of the weather. Not sorry for that because I’ll spend my day with my brother instead.

oh, does anyone know a good place to buy lolita clothes? I am thinking of gothic and aristocrat. Sweet is not my thing, I would look like a marshmallow in all those pink dresses, mostly because I don’t like pink at all. XD