Daily deviation no 7

7thddYay!! 😀 my 7th DD on Deviantart.

Sister Sinister and HMS latex



Remember my tutorial about retouching I’ve talked about before? I was featured in

http://photoshopmag.net/¨s magazine PSD mag, where I explained step-by-step how I retouch my photography.
I think I only showed some from the feature of my photography and not the actual tutorial, so now when the tutorial has been running on PSDs website I can show you some of how it looked like.



I was very happy to be part of this magazine. Not only did I get the tutorial, but also a gallery feature AND the cover!
If you like to read more steps on the tutorial, or want to see a teaser from the whole magazine (tutorials in photoshop and illustrator, articles and reviews) you can get it here:



Feature in Kultur mag issue 9 2012!!! 😀





Got a cover, a gallery and tutorial in this magazine! 😀 woho!



January 2011

I was invited to Cat Clarke’s launch party in UK and I was very thrilled to meet her. It was quite a lovely night and I got to meet kind people and even eat a cupcake with my face on it! It was my second book cover. (and the book is great!)

I got a cover for Cat Patrick’s book Forgotten. It was a pleasure to read this one as well.

Februrary 2011

I was assisting Emma Jönsson Dysell and was retouching all day long. It was a inspiring and fun time! Lots of fashion and now I kind of miss it.

I got a cover for Mari Jungstedt!

March 2011

There was a launch for Emma’s photos at Koivisto Karlsson which I had been retouching!

I was assisting the great photographer Carl Bengtsson for some months. One of the retouches I did while being there.

I also graduated from Gamleby Fotoskola.

April 2011

Had a lovely day shooting with Ida, Carolina and Sibel which was featured att Malmö Streetstyle.

May 2011

The first issue of Lux magazine was released!

Being admirer of Tea Time for some time, I finally had a shoot with her and was featured in Alt Noir Magazine.

June 2011

I had another cover, this time for Håkan Nesser! Great book!

I was featured in Innovated Magazine.

Had another cover this time for Chevy Stevens.

August 2011

Had my first shoot with latex involved and felt for getting more into the alternative industry.

I was part of an exhibition in Malmö where I met some lovely photographers and models.

September 2011

Got another book cover this time for C.J Daugherty!

October 2011

Got a feature in Étoilée magazine

Got a cover and feature in the Russian magazine Vision.

December 2011

The second issue of Lux Magazine was released.

I was featured in the new magazine Meuse.

Woke up and found my self-portrait was posted on 9gag. A hilarious day! 😀


A little recap of my 2011. 🙂


Funny thing happened some days ago. I was woken up by a friend of mine telling me I was on 9gag. I couldn’t really believe what he said until I saw this:

Haha! Well, wasn’t really expecting that. But ^^ fun to actually have a photo of myself on 9gag!


Yesterday  I had another shoot with the talented actress/model Sarah Eckardt. Some dark vibes, big hair and pale make up. The hair and make up was done by the awesome Katrin Unge.

I will include this series in LUX magazine issue 2.
Many great photographers will also feature some of their lovely series in the magazine. Monica Eng, Robby Cavanaugh, Fairytales photography, Andreea Retinschi and Sanja Lydia just to mention a few!

Thanks for all your lovely submissions for the blog feature. I’ll post the photos this evening!



Tea and I got featured in the magazine Alt Noir magazine, the sexy issue. That’s why we haven’t featured the series before. You can only buy the magazine, but here is the tear sheets from it. 🙂


Ellen, a model & photographer (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ellen-Nilsson-photography/208736395818598) I use to photograph, has a nice eye for drawing also! She’s made this lovely piece of my photograph “Haunted” which can be found here: https://josefinejonsson.comart/haunted-227247474?q=gallery%3Abloddroppe%2F18547&qo=22



Had an exhibition today! :>



Magnus, Lambis och Markus

 Ryan Garrison photographing Lambis! Both of these guys are amazing photographers 🙂