Time for some lovely photos from you guys!

This photo is taken by: Raluca Miheşan
Blog :

I love this calm feeling I get from this photo. Not only is the model gorgeous but also the tones are really nice balanced. I like how she looks over her shoulder and how it seems to be blowing in the grass.

This photo is taken by: Emma Ivarsson
This is a lovely photo and great emotions. The light is very nice in it also! It feels like a real moment, the only thing I’d like to straighten up is the horizon in the back.

Photo taken by: Daphne Ng

I like the humor in this shot. For me it seems like a model who’s been modeling for hours and is tired of waiting on the photographer to click! Maybe it’s just me, but I like that you can think of different stories for it. It’s also nice that the corners are darkened to get more focus to the model.

Photo is taken by: Hanne Hovland
model:  Marlene Lindtner

I like the depth this photo is creating and the background is nice. I also like that it is in black and white instead of colour. One thing I would change about it is to remove the black laces on her right knee.


Thanks for all your lovely photographs! They’re nice, fun you took your time to send them to me.
Congratulations for all the featured artists.






It’s time for some lovely featuring on my blog again. This is my third time featuring some great artists here!

Send me a photo you’ve taken and it might be your photo that will be featured here. 🙂

  • Only low res photos (700px)
  • it must be taken by you
  • it could be a portrait, photo of birds, dogs, flowers, landscape… well anything! But try to choose your best shot
  • Write your name and if you have a blog
  • send it to my mail:
  • Please write about the feature and link back to my blog so more can take part of it!
  • You’ll have until Sunday to send. I will feature it on Monday.


I’m leaving early tomorrow morning so I wanted to update now instead.

Here are the images that I decided to feature, enjoy!

I really like this photo for several reasons, mostly because I want to know more. Why does she looks so sad? To who did these flowers belong to? Has someone left her there alone? Many questions are not answered, and that is what I like about this image, you can make your own story to it. The flowers are a nice touch, makes it all balanced.

This piece is taken by Mihai Vasile.

blog –

~The posture is great, I love how she looks like a statue. Not to mention how the light hits her collar bones. It’s nice to see the contrast between her make up and hair. The make up is so intense while her hair is made into some summery hairstyle, soft and pretty. Yes, I do like the overall image quite a lot. And I like the fact there doesn’t have to be a story behind, it’s fashion. The only thing I’d like to change
is to remove the pins in the hair.

Photo is taken by – Dzelila Piric


The eyes are so intense in this one. She looks like another creature giving that posture, a posture that is quite haunting with those eyes. I also like that her hair is so fiery red, it’s a nice contrast against the otherwise  pale colours. It’s great that it is cropped so closed, like she is captivated inside the image.

Photo is taken by – Veronica Codignoni


I like the fact that this photo shows the love for photography by showing it within a photo. It gives a nice touch with the negative feeling of it also. It sure gives a smile on my lips.

Photo is taken by – Daniel J Harle
and is called “‘Negative Love'” .

I’d like to thank everyone for sending their lovely images! Don’t feel bad that I didn’t chose yours, I will feature more images later on. So don’t give up!  🙂 Go out and make some more lovely art!


I wish I had credit to give to the one who wrote this one…


Sorry I didn’t update yesterday! Felix was here and when he left I was going to see White Lies, so the time just ran away.

Anyway, here is yesterday’s features:

Taken by

Lill-Veronica Skoglund

Blog –

Taken by

Simon Younan
Model – Lovisa Antonsson

blog –

Taken by

Jarka Hrnčárková


Skin and bones

taken by

Stephanie Dixon

flickr –


thanks again for all the lovely photos!
If you weren’t featured I am sure there will be more chances. 🙂


Taken by

Ida Fredrikke Olsen

This place seems to be taken out of a fantasy book, quite a magical moment to capture. It really makes me calm.

Visit her blog:



Taken by

Beatrice Bolmgren

I really like this image for different reasons. The model is beautiful and I like the contrast. I also like that even if the model is half-hidden behind the tree, she is still the main focus of the image.

Visit her blog:


More on Monday!


Thursday’s feature is taken by

June Åsheim

Skin and bones

Visit her blog:

I really like how everything is white and clean. And by holding the skull in front of the face makes it looks like an odd creature rather than a human being. Great one!


Thanks for all your wonderful photos!
I will be posting two tomorrow, and

on Monday I will be posting three.


Just love this series by Zhang Jinga.


Photographed by Zhang Jinga

Modeled by Denise

Styled by Mildred von Hildegard of Mother of London


Lina Scheynius for vogue uk november 2010

Some inspirations for you :3


Vlada Roslyakova by Jacques Olivar for Marie Claire Italia October 2010

Some lovely inspiration to you!

Love, love these images. They’re cold and pale and the environment is to die for!