Modelling would be me and photographer is mynumberis911

Very pleased with these images ^^ fun to be photographed!


Kiko and I 🙂

I am planning some shoots next week! Really look forward to it ! :>


Kiko and myself



Haven’t taken any self-portrait in ages… but finally did today. Loooooove our new windows. ^^



Model: myself

Photographer: Bror Ivefeldt

Yay! 😀 Here are the shots from the shoot. My favourite is the first one!


Can’t remember showing this to you guys. Robert took this to an assignment in school and I was modelling for it. 🙂

photo: Robert Purvins


,Yes, it was cold. No, it is not real fur.

so much snow outside <(^.^)>


We’re having a exhibition at Fotomässan in stockholm next weekend. I was modeling for Bror Ivefeldt who has taken this shot.

Our theme for the exhibition is: “It wasn’t my fault” and it is about taking a good picture, but with a distracting element in it.


This would be my shot of Axel:

No idea about colours, my screen is so so cold, so I’ll upload it when it is done. XD


Wow, I am really bad at updating…

Anyhow, I had a shoot with Jonas Carmhagen today. He’s a fan of the Japanese series Naruto so he wanted me to have make-up just like Orochimaru. Easier said that done, I would say, but it looks quite good now afterwards!

photo and retouch: Jonas Carmhagen

Oh, and Robert has now joined my project I will be doing for my final exam in school. We’ve already been discussing how we want it to turn out and we’ve contacted other photographers like Elizabeth May and Anette Schive. Do you know any great photographers out there that mainly work with natural light? Do tell 🙂


Photo and retouch by Robert. <3

Make up and hair by myself. ^^