Outfits / Accessories


The dress I bought in London.

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A sneak peek on the dress ^^


No idea why I haven’t shown you this one until now! Anyway, got this one from Robert. <3
I saw someone wearing a hoodie with these ravens on it at Metaltown. Robert was kind to ask him and when it was my birthday  I got it! Purple and ravens, great combination.

And today’s outfit


I got a lovely pocket watch from Harriet. Always wanted one and I am glad I finally got one. ^^ I especially like that it looks quite steampunkish!

I got a cute little (or quite big actually) owl from my sister. 😀


Got a package from Candied Poison today with some lovely earrings.

Taken with some help from Robert 🙂

And some kind of Cup cakes of course!


I received a package today with this note in it. I love it when they write things and put on cute stickers ~
anyhow, some of the things I have bought:

Earrings formed like keys

A necklace with two wings

A ring shaped as a wing.

These can be found at Hoofcollection.se


Some dresses I bought.
Uh, my stomach hurts like hell. think I am going to bed for now.