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josefinejonssonrobertFrom time to time I am asked to take photos of my boyfriend with his new equipment. Great oppurtunity for me who never get the chance to photograph him otherwise (anymore!), too bad I never see his face though on the photos!

And some variety from what I use to shoot. Would recommend to look on their page if you like these kind of things.







A preview from yesterday with Harriet!

I have so many series just waiting to be colour corrected. XD It’s mad, about 13 series in total and 10 to check with the colours…


Well XD guess one of the reasons why I really like to work with Emy…Bild


Thanks for all the support! 😀 I truly appreciate it.



A teaser on a shoot with Elegy Ellem some weeks ago!Bild


Black Friday on Deviantart, that means 20% off my calendar! Get it today for even better price! 🙂

Black Friday på Deviantart, det betyder alltså 20% av priset på min kalender! 🙂
Köp den idag här:

Har du inte dA så kan du köpa den av mig. 🙂


My calendar for 2012. Will be selling this through deviantart. 🙂

Buy here:


From yesterday when I was shooting with Varga.


Ställer ut mina bilder på Planket!

Det sker den 20e augusti, alltså nu på lördag. Börjar 10-17! Kommer att vara där ganska mycket, så hälsa gärna! :)))



Will be attending an exhibition at Saturday! If you’re at any chance in Malmö at that time I think you should come by and say hello! I will be standing there for quite some time. 🙂 We’re having the exhibition close to “Folkets park”. It begins at 10.00 am and ends 17.00  pm.


Lots of love,




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