A little preview on yesterday’s shoot with Hillevi. 🙂




Someone asked me about their portfolio and how my looked like. It has been updates since last time I showed it to you guys. It is still not completed and I will change some images, but still. The pictures are quite crappy, took them in hurry. XD



As I wrote earlier today I went to see White Lies concert here in Stockholm. It was totally awesome! <3


I presume you guys who follow my blog enjoy my photography, therefore I am quite curious which photo(s) is/are your favourite(s)? 🙂

Some of my own favourites are:








I wrote this on my deviantart,, but wanted to share with you guys also:

I DO sell prints of my photos! 😀

Please write to me for a price list. Either have the photo sent to you directly from the printer or have it signed by me. (it will cost some more shipping though).

To request an image, please e-mail me:

Just wanted to clear things out so that you guys know. I have no idea what quality deviantart has, so it’s better to order the prints where I know the quality is awesome. 😀

All of the images aren’t available though, because of the request from model.

You can also purchase my nature photography which can be found here:

and photos here on my blog.

Går som sagt hur bra som helst att beställa genom mig. 🙂 Skriv bara vilken storlek du vill ha och landet ni bor i, så ska jag ordna fram lite priser åt er. Det kostar lite extra med signering då bilden måste skickas en runda hem till mig och sedan till er. Men, går som sagt bra att skickas från labbet också.
Må gott!


I printed to my portfolio yesterday and just wanted to show some pages from it. Very simple and fast images of the portfolio, with reflections! 😀



Yes, some of you have been asking for older photos by me. So here you go, one of Harriet taken in 2006. This was our first real shoot together. It has happened quite a lot since then! Four years.

And from this year, quite a difference! XD


A photo I took some time ago (the date isn’t correct though). I can’t even recall when it was, but I came across it today when I was listening to their music and was happy to see that they still use it. ^^ It’s a Swedish band called 11th hour.


Happy Halloween! 😀

Nomnom. photo from 2009


Hihi, Kiko loves to be scratched on his head. ^^

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