can’t sleep today either. insomniac butterfly.


Just an old image I kind of like


I guess everyone knows that I love birds by now. Went on a trip with my father to a bird park today. Been going to that park for some years now,  love it there. It’s small and there are birds everywhere!
There was a man who had brought his own parrot, at first I just asked politely if I could take some photos of it. He was very happy and of course I could, he said. And then he asked me if I want to hold it. I was so happy. Haha, well, you see the result below.

My father took them, he doesn’t know how to use my camera very well. xD

Haha, my expressions are priceless. If it wasn’t because I was  so happy about holding that parrot you would have never seen these! >_<


Model: Robert Purvins

I found this one when I was looking through some older photos from this year. ^^
For my ribbon series.



just another one


–   –


Just found this one.
The model is Cornelia Nordlund
and it was taken for Alexandra’s and my book.
It was never used in the book though, but it has grown on me.


Oh my!
I will be modelling tomorrow.
and maybe on Friday too!

Here are some photos Felix has taken.
(gosh, it’s some time ago!)


This I would call, as Felix says, “the faces of Josi”. Some of my expressions. Just found these and put them together.


Busa 🙂

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