Sorry for the lack of updating. Anyhow, I am home again.
I am trying to get a hold of all my images, deleting and organizing. It has taken some time, been doing this from time to time for too long now and I am not even close to being finished! Oh well. I am finding images I never thought I had taken, so that’s nice!



Taken with Hasselblad 503CW .


Almost passed 100 posts here. but 600 000 pageviews on deviantart. ^-^


Haven’t posted in ages. Haven’t had any inspiration nor anything interesting to post. I love browsing photos on the net because it used to keep me inspired. But nowadays it feels like they just drag me down and makes me feel quite useless. I may have an idea, but it feels like it won’t turn out good anyway so I am not sure it’s even worth trying. Maybe I should go back to drawing again, even if I left it years ago and is back on space one again. The space where you either good nor bad, but something in between which annoys me a lot.



Harriet and I went to Alnarp and had a really nice walk in the nature. 🙂 We saw some squirrels, Eurasian treecreeper and great spotted woodpeckers. We ate some chocolate cake also. nomnom :>


“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” – Ansel Adams



This one was taken in May -09. It’s all natural light and as you can see  it was quite poor. I think it was around 7 pm, I wish it was earlier. Anyhow, wanted to share this with you. Some times light works with me and some times it needs a little further push in Photoshop, just like the old times in the developing room. I love working with colours so that is mostly what I fix afterwards. Also adding or taking away some light to her face, hands and the surrounding. I’ve always liked dark edges because they sure draws more attention to the model. So there you go, a before and after.’

I won’t even deny that I love working in Photoshop, everyone does it nowadays too. Less or more.

Well, this was sure less work, because the light was already as I wanted it in the RAW. And again I play around with the colours the most and then added some contrast to it. Before and after.


boring and simple but oh so helpful images.


been quite uninspired lately, so I went out and just took some photos.

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