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When will you graduate for Gamleby? Would you recommend it as a a good school or not? And which was your favorite assignment so far?

Next year actually. Yes, I do think it’s a good school. I’ve learnt a lot! Not only by the teachers but also my friends in class. My favourite assignment, hm. I guess it must have been when Johan Westin gave us an assignment about setting lights in the studio. When we first got it I didn’t think my work would turn out good, artificial lightning doesn’t speak to me as much as natural (mostly because I’m not so good with it). Anyhow, we had to set up classical, hard and soft light. Somehow they turned out much better than I imagined and the teacher liked them very much. ^^ So I would say this one was my favourite because I learnt much and got nice response.

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I’ve been dying my hair red for a couple of months now. But it never stayed the right color. So I wanted to know, which dye have you used? 🙂

I use Schwarzkops Brilliance series. At first I used “intense red” but switched to “kashmir red”

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Hello! Just wanted to say that you are awesome and that i’m thinking about making another drawing of you 🙂

Hello Daniel!
That means a lot to me. Would be really nice if you are going to! 😀 I’d love to see it!

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why don’t you use your twitter account?

At the beginning I thought it would be fun. But I don’t have the time to update everywhere all the time. So I do prefer my blog instead of twitter. 🙂


are you engaged?

More or less :>

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you’re really curious about that, aren’t you :>


Name three things you love about yourself? 🙂

I like that I am creative when it comes to photography, writing and drawing. I also like that when I really want something I am ready to fight for it. The last one would be that I am quite spontaneous 🙂

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a kind of classic one: what is your favorite band, or the band that inspires you the most?

I can’t say I have a favourite band because it variates from week to week. But I’ve had a love for Circa Survive for quite some time now, mostly their older work. 🙂

where do you buy the clothes you show in your pictures?

Depends on which ones you mean?

anyhow, some are from online stores like odiumclothing, fanplusfriend. But also ordinary stores like H&M, Shock and Shango.

What else you would like to try in your photography ?

I would really like to try photographing wild animals while going on adventures, actually.^^

Have you ever considered making/shooting artistic movies ?

I’d love that. And the thought has run my mind before. I can’t record with my camera, but I guess I could try some stop motion sometime^^

What kind of shoes do you like?

Depends on where I am going and what I am going to do. But I wear Vans every time I got the chance to! :>


What inspires you the most?

Mostly my dreams. But I am also inspired by nature and its beauty. By movies, sometimes books, and work by other artists inspired me a lot also.

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What is the biggest difference that you noticed beetwen the 350D and the 5D?

The quality of the image itself. Very much.
When I had my 350D I thought it worked good. But now when I have my 5D I wouldn’t trade back for anything. It’s not the camera that makes the photographer, but when it comes to quality of the image, more expensive cameras are preferred.

(My 350D is still alive though, just kept in the dark… in a camera bag. Poor thing.)

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What’s your most happiest and saddest memory (it’s really old and stupid question, but I like it)?

It’s hard just picking one happy memory, because I have too many. But getting together with my boyfriend is certainly one of them.

A sad memory, uh. every time I lose someone that is close to me. I don’t really have a specific sad memory.

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are you really engaged?

The more we talked about it, the more we liked the idea. :>

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Have you ever considered doing a makeup tutorial?

If I only were as good with make up as I wanted to, then I sure could have given it a try. But unfortunately I am not. Maybe if I get better! 🙂

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Whenever I answer a question on formspring I’ll upload it here from now on. Maybe it’s fun to read.


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