I finally have the time for a proper update.
Harriet and I went on an adventure today, to Hven actually. It’s a small island between Sweden and Denmark, the atmosphere is very cosy and the nature is lovely there.
We sure picked the most sunniest day, I don’t complain (maybe tomorrow, don’t know how much the sun did burn), because it was warm. I tend to freeze most of the time so it’s nice when I don’t!

Anyhow, we rented a tandem bicycle, as you can see if you look at the previous post. It was very fun! We were quite unstable at first, but when we were comfortable bicycling together, we were quite awesome I must say! Except for when I was going to turn and failed so we drove into the field. Other than that people were actually cheering at us. It’s true!

The people living or just visiting Hven are quite friendly, which makes you happy in return.
There are many, many lovely fields. We actually found a field with some blue flowers. I don’t know what they’re called but they were quite pretty. (images in previous post also)