Well, today was a rather weird but nice day. I thought I would have been home at this time, but I am still at my parent’s house. Something got in the way so I had to stay for some more days. It would have been nice to come back home, just to think things through and do what I am supposed to do. I have a lots of time here but I never do anything that matters, like photographing or assignments.

Anyhow, so I went for a little more shopping and found a nice jacket and felt a little happier. Then I headed to Felix and we had a picnic in his garden. We drank some elderberry cordial and ate some cake. Very nice indeed. We sat in their green house and it was all warm and cosy. Later on we talked for hours and played Halo 2 on Xbox and finished the evening watching Donnie Darko, my favourite movie.

blah blah. Writing too much. Should be sleeping now.