From an interview this Summer, don’t think it was published in the magazine, so I just wanted to share with you now instead. 🙂


-What inspired you do be a photographer?

I’ve been interested in art since I was quite young, back then I’d be drawing or painting.  As I’ve never been good at expressing myself only with words, I used my drawings to speak for me. But I got tired because I wasn’t progressing any and wanted to test something different, something else that still spoke to me. I remember when a saw a field of yellow flowers, and thought that I just had to capture its beauty. So I asked my friend Harriet if she could model for me in it, and she did.
Something caught me that day, because ever since that day I’ve always loved to have a camera in my hands, prepared to capture both memories and dreams.

-What makes a great photo?

When you can feel the emotion it portrays. A photo is far better when it tells a story, rather than just being technically perfect.

How would you best describe your style?
I would describe it as a world that only exists between dreams and reality, where I use my own dreams and nightmares, to create it. I want my photography to feel timeless and my models to be like the characters you read about in story- and fantasy books.

-Do you have any other skills?

I draw and write as well. But photographing and retouching is quite time-consuming, so I hardly have any time left over to neither draw nor write.

-If you could choose a famous person to photograph who would it be and why?

Johnny Depp. I’ve always been fond of this man, he’s such an inspiration. And has some lovely bone structure as well.

-Do you come up with the ideas for your photo shoots?

Yes, most of the time. Sometimes I plan for weeks, other times I only plan for some minutes where I just grab some things and head out myself. Photographing with a team of a makeup artist and model sure takes longer time to plan, we usually develop the idea together.