Time for some lovely photos from you guys!

This photo is taken by: Raluca Miheşan
Blog : http://seafoaminveins.tumblr.com/

I love this calm feeling I get from this photo. Not only is the model gorgeous but also the tones are really nice balanced. I like how she looks over her shoulder and how it seems to be blowing in the grass.

This photo is taken by: Emma Ivarsson
website: www.emmaivarsson.se
This is a lovely photo and great emotions. The light is very nice in it also! It feels like a real moment, the only thing I’d like to straighten up is the horizon in the back.

Photo taken by: Daphne Ng
blog: http://chardyice.wordpress.com/

I like the humor in this shot. For me it seems like a model who’s been modeling for hours and is tired of waiting on the photographer to click! Maybe it’s just me, but I like that you can think of different stories for it. It’s also nice that the corners are darkened to get more focus to the model.

Photo is taken by: Hanne Hovland
model:  Marlene Lindtner
blog: www.ennah.blogspot.com

I like the depth this photo is creating and the background is nice. I also like that it is in black and white instead of colour. One thing I would change about it is to remove the black laces on her right knee.


Thanks for all your lovely photographs! They’re nice, fun you took your time to send them to me.
Congratulations for all the featured artists.