Funny thing happened some days ago. I was woken up by a friend of mine telling me I was on 9gag. I couldn’t really believe what he said until I saw this:

Haha! Well, wasn’t really expecting that. But ^^ fun to actually have a photo of myself on 9gag!


Model: Sarah Eckardt
Make up and hair: Ida Kyllerman
Photo & retouch: Josefine Jönsson


Model: Sanna Kull
Make up and hair: Anna Lindström



Retouch and photography: Josefine Jönsson
Model: Tea Time
Latex by Maverick Latex
Wig by Navalith hair design


Lux issue  december issue is out! 🙂
This is the December issue, I wrote wrong in the file and header. nonetheless, here it is:


My series “unforgiven saint” is only featured in this issue, be sure to check it out!!
Let it load for some minutes before you flip the pages.

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