behind the scenes

Part II

Why I love photographing people…

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Westward bound

josefinejonsson_20130221_0042_webbSelf-portrait wearing westward bound! :3




josefinejonsson_20130126_0073 josefinejonsson_20130126_0050
josefinejonsson_20130126_0085 josefinejonsson_20130126_0086
Model: Sarah Eckardt
muah: Lisa Larsson
Photo: Josefine Jönsson


task force valkyrie

josefinejonssonrobertFrom time to time I am asked to take photos of my boyfriend with his new equipment. Great oppurtunity for me who never get the chance to photograph him otherwise (anymore!), too bad I never see his face though on the photos!

And some variety from what I use to shoot. Would recommend to look on their page if you like these kind of things.


more self-portraits


I guess I am in a self-portrait thingie right now…

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