2017 – first post

Hey everyone – if anyone even sees this?
I’ve been really bad updating my blog here, it’s been so many posts I have wanted to remove and it feels like blogs aren’t so popular anymore? Anyway, thought I could at least give you a small update!

I’ve been uploading some new work – finally! 🙂 Take a look in the galleries.
I also have some discount in my shop that ends tomorrow May 14. You get 20% off on all prints!
Use “90K” to get it in checkout. Here’s the print shop: shop.josefinejonsson.com or simply press “shop” above.

Here’s some new work as well!
Take care everyone.


Models: Psylocke and Elegy Ellem (also did head pieces)

Models: Psylocke and Shelly D’Inferno

harness by Miss Overdose