Questions, and lots of them!

which is your favorite city in your country?

I really like Gothenburg, it’s very cosy there. 🙂

why don’t you upload more of your school assignments?

I did on my older blog. Right now we’re not at school and haven’t been since May. When I get back I’ll try to update more with my assignments. 🙂

not a question but I wanted to let you know that when you had black short hair you reminded me of Chris Corner 🙂

That I take as a complement. 😀
I’ve heard it before actually, nice to hear it again!

do you live on your own or with your family/boyfriend? other than Kiko of course 🙂

I live in two places. When I am studying I live with my boyfriend. Otherwise I live at home with my family. Kiko stays where I stay, he’s a true stalker!

so do you live in Gamleby or do you travel to your school?

If I would travel to school it would take me about 4-6 hours! So yes, I live in Gamleby when I study.

is your boyfriend swedish? because his last name doesn’t sound much swedish.

His surname is Latvian actually.

how did you and harriet meet?

At compulsory-school

how did you find deviantart and what do you think about the current situation of the site?

Hm. I believe I found it through Gaia Online. I used to love that place, looking on other’s drawings and photos. I had some favourite artists there that linked to DeviantArt. I really like DeviantArt, mostly because of the people there. Not much fan of all the naked photos that appear everywhere, but other than that I enjoy looking at the artists art that I admire

have you ever thought of leaving Sweden so you can pursue your career as a photographer in another country? do you think a photographer can survive/built a successful career in Sweden?

I’ve thought about Japan, because I really like their fashion and culture. Not sure I would survive there, but it would have been damn awesome!

Yes, I do. But I guess it depends on that kind of photography you’re interested in. My clients are often from other countries.

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