at which point did you start charging people for your services?

When it was starting to get desired. The most shoots I have are TFP, which I add to my portfolio.

you seem to love photography and music very much. how come you didn’t go into photojournalism?

Never liked taking those kind of photos. I like to have my own meaning behind them. 🙂

do you rent the studio you’ve been using ?

Actually, it belongs to a friend of mine, the photographer I was assisting this summer. He was kind enough to let me use it 🙂

which job was the first one you were paid for?

Hm, good question. I can’t really recall, but I had some shoots with musicians in Denmark. And later on some promotional photos for two percussionists. So it might be one of them, otherwise it had just been with friend and smaller clients.

Where do you take most of your self portraits? For example your newest self portrait/ID of DeviantArt.

The most recent ID is taken in my bathroom actually. We have window there which makes the light come a little from above and not straight on like ordinary windows. Otherwise I take them either in my room or outdoors.

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