Some more questions from you.


What’s your favorite Swedish’s band?

I am not listening to many Swedish bands, but I really like Lars Winnerbäck and Chemical Vocation

What is your favourite book?

I really want to love reading books, but it feels like I fail every time I pick up one. But right now I am reading a book by Naomi Novik called Throne of Jade. 🙂 which is quite good! other than that I have no idea…

If you could instantly become fluent in another language, which language would you pick?


which tripod do you recommend?

I’ve had my Soligor tripod since I started photographing and it works out well! I am, even if I do not like it, not too careful with things so I try to keep it not too expensive. And this tripod was good enough for me. Of course there are better, no idea what brand to recommend though.

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