Some more questions for you:

will you attend Gothenburg University to do a master in photography when you graduate?

I am not sure. I think this education gives me what I need, but I might study something else also after, like make up, hairstyling or something similar.

Do you find it frustrating or flattering when people use your ideas as inspiration for towards there own work?

If they don’t copy my whole idea, but use it as an inspiration to make into something of their own, in their style, it’s okay for me. I do, just as everyone else does it. So there is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from others, but when you are copying an idea or image it is not something I would think as flattering.

When you take your portraits indoor, what f-number do you usually set your camera to? I mean, is the 1.4 f-number really useable when getting the focus right is so difficult with self-portraits?

I looked back on some photos and the majority was actually 1.4 and 1.6. I love the depth it gives, but yes it is harder. But I think it is worth taking more photos to get the right photo and feeling than taking on more safe aperture just to make it easier. 🙂

where did you bought your wig from?

Actually from fanplusfriend. But last time I looked it was gone :/

Not really a question, but I wanted to congratulate You with birthday. Enjoy every moment of your life and find a little miracle in every day. :}

Thanks a lot! 😀 much appreciated!

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