More questions:

where did you bought your wig from?

Actually from fanplusfriend. But last time I looked it was gone :/

what are you wearing on your left arm?

oh, they’re from music festivals I’ve been to this year. Metaltown, west coast riot and mosh pit open. 🙂

when you take self portraits do you use a reflector? if so, how?

When I take self portraits I rarely use a reflector actually..

love the light in your photos!i’m wondering if is natural or not? and if it is natural at what time of day you can find the best light for bright portrait? thanks jos…you are great!

Thank you!
Well, the photos that are taken outdoors are all natural, with some help from a reflector. Hm, normally I take photos from between two to four. Kind of depends on the weather, I prefer cloudy days. But the light in the morning, before twelve (twelve is worst in the sun..) is really nice!

wow! I just show your last photos! Amazing! Is that a personal shoot? Or a paid one? The model is absolutely perfect and so are your skills!

Very glad to hear that, thank you!
Actually, it’s a school assignment. We should take photos for a client and I asked Niki if she wanted to have a shoot. 🙂

so you just showed us another school assignment! why are your school assignments always soooo cool? great job Josefine.

Yes. ^^
haha well, they’re are what you make them to be. Sometimes they’re hard, because you don’t have an idea, but other times it’s the other way around.