Some questions:

which kinds of metal music do you like?

Well, I’ll link to my last.fm so you can see rather than me telling 🙂

What program do you use to retouch?

Photoshop CS4

Ever thought of giving out your own tips and tricks with your blogs? Some artists are secretive, but I wondered how you felt about that 🙂

Hmm, I am not sure I have so much to give out any ways! But for the things I have learnt on my own I sure want to keep for myself because my photography is based on these. 🙂

do you remove moles when you retouch or it depends?

Some I remove, others I keep. I want to keep it realistic and I love keeping personal features! 🙂

Your bf is Japanese or descending? He looks like!

Haha no, he’s half latvian though!

what kind of game console do you have? what’s your favorite games?

Basically, all the Nintendo ones, from NES all the way to Wii. But also XBOX 360, Sega and playstation. Anyhow, my favourite game is Zelda (Oot and twilight princess). But I have a love for left 4 dead 2 and gears of war (2). Hm, I have lots more favourite games I think… though. I also adore Dragon Age origins to my computer. 😀 I have games that I love on every console, but it not my absolute favourites though!

are you straight edge?


You said you’d like to take photos of Johnny Depp. How about a female model? Who would you choose? ^^

Even harder question! Hm, I think Dita von teese looks lovely. But Keira Knightley is also nice, she fits in those fancy dresses…. So I guess Dita or Kiera. 🙂