Some more questions for you:

Your best awesome surprising unexpected gift from someone you ever imagine before?

Hard question! It would probably be when people give me things I’ve wanted for a long time but haven’t told anyone – this sure shows they know me well. 🙂

Can you do a tutorial on how you post-process your stuff? :> Also I was wondering how do you save your originals and resized + retouched photos – do you rename them or something?

Not sure of a tutorial, but maybe I can show you guys some steps in the progress? I keep the RAW-file and then I saved the retouched photo (with the layers) in a PSD. Then I make a high res JPEG of that with the same name and another one with the same name but ending it with “web”, for publish on the net.

How do you decide which of your photos you will alter and publish? Also, where did you learn photo editing so well, especially when it comes to the skin and blemishes? I always have issues with both of those...

I try to choose photos that I like and think will fit my portfolio. So, I pick the ones that stand out the most and which I want to show to people. I started off photographing back in 2006 this is also when I started retouching. I’ve been working in Photoshop since then, but avanced in non-destructive techniques last year. It’s a combination between different techniques, but I can say that I work a lot with healing brush, curves and clone stamp. I do take commissions when it comes to retouching. 🙂

what’s the brand of your black lipstick?

It is called Star gazer, not very fond of it, but it was quite cheap. XD

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Oh btw, Harriet will be spending the weekend with me and Robert! YAAY! :>