I am so damn tired of all these webcam shots of half naked people on deviantart, or other sites where you should submit your art. Why do they even upload them there?
I can’t understand it and it keeps making me bitter every time I see one of those shots on the front page. They are not there because they are good, like the other photos there, but because it’s usually just some snapshots of half naked women, which others favourites just  because the models are naked.

People keep saying that they see ‘art’ in these shots, portraying the female beauty (or what ever they may say), and this I will say, every of those shots are rather taken in unflattering and weird perspectives, wide angled or yellowish colours which no woman or man will look good in. If breasts shows, or even just the hint of them, it doesn’t even matter if the person looks like a blob head, people will like it anyway – maybe not for the image itself, but for something going on only inside of their head.

Artistic nude (presupposed it is not portraying the model in a pornographic way) is definitely another thing and should not be compared with these shots. When artistic nude is portrayed in the artistic way it should be, then it’s a nice genre.

I am sure there are people thinking that I am so, so wrong about the ones I call snapshots, because “those photos are art too,  they’re photographs!”, but last time I checked my or other people’s holiday photos they sure weren’t art just because they were photographs.