More random things about me:

  • I discovered Japanese music in 8th grade and my whole style took a new turn from having long hair to short. I wore black all the time and started to experiment with make up. I had lots photos of Japanese artists in my locker and in my room. I love(d) Dir en grey, but my favourites was D’espairsray. I still have the poster up in my room.
  • My first concert was in Denmark and it was actually D’espairsray who was playing. I went with Harriet, this was back in 2006.
  • I used to draw during night until 6am in the morning. I used to write a lot also. I rarely draw any more, but I still love it.
  • I loved lolita dresses and used to sew my own dresses and skirts.
  • I was very interested in world war II and could spend several hours just reading and writing about it.
  • I used to go with my father to various military events. ^^
  • My favourite lessons in school was history and art.