Henrik Jonsson

preoh! 😀 so many new pictureeeees! Still retouching but here’s a peek on what’s coming soon.^^



Dress by Maebelle Latex
Gloves by All you need is gloves


Daily deviation no 7

7thddYay!! 😀 my 7th DD on Deviantart.

Sister Sinister and HMS latex


Sister Sinister



josefinejonsson_20130210_0340 josefinejonsson_20130210_0462

Model: Sister Sinister
Latex: HMS latex
Photo: Josefine Jönsson


behind scenes 2013

josefinejonsson_20130316_0001 josefinejonsson_20130316_0155 josefinejonsson_20130316_0253 josefinejonsson_20130316_0254 josefinejonsson_20130320_0159 josefinejonsson_20130325_0188 josefinejonsson_20130326_0144bts

Some behind the scenes from recent shoots. I am not dead, I am still photographing! 😀

josefinejonsson_20130222_0135 josefinejonsson_20130222_0153Model: Elegy Ellem
Lingerie: Playful Promises
Photo: Josefine Jönsson

Betty Blues

josefinejonsson_20130222_0275 josefinejonsson_20130222_0303 josefinejonsson_20130222_0307Model: Elegy Ellem
jewerly: PILL
Lingerie: Betty Blues Loungerie
Photo: Josefine Jönsson

Elegy Ellem in HMS latex

josefinejonsson_20130222_0500 josefinejonsson_20130222_0515 josefinejonsson_20130222_0543

Model, hair and makeup: Elegy Ellem
Reindeer antlers: Elegyattires /virose affair
dress: HMS latex
Photo: Josefine Jönsson / http://www.facebook.com/josefinejonsson.photography

Elegy Ellem

josefinejonsson_20130222_0465 josefinejonsson_20130222_0464 josefinejonsson_20130222_0430_2

Model, hair and make up: Elegy Ellem
Dress: HMS latex
Photo: Josefine Jönsson


josefinejonsson_20110920_0035Really miss shooting this sort of fashion, really. Would love to pick up where I kind of left.

Are there any stylists or fashion models (experienced, has an agency) interested please contact me, mail is to the right.


Modelling is Sara Ellisson and styling/makeup was done by Emily Mcwilliam